CPS security research center

Cyber Physical System Security Research Center


Jung Taek Seo



Lab Introduction

Welcome to Gachon University CPS (Cyber Physical System) Security Research Center.

This laboratory conducts cybersecurity research in CPS fields such as national infrastructure (electric power, nuclear power, transportation,water treatment, etc.) and smart grid.

CPS (Cyber Physical System) is an environment that requires high reliability and safety in the fields of national infrastructure in power, nuclear power, transportation, water treatment, and significant infrastructures in smart cities, smart factories, and autonomous vehicles. CPS-tailored cyber attacks are sharply increasing, and attack techniques are continuously evolving. In addition, if a cyber attack happens on the industrial control system, economic loss and public safety may be compromised. Accordingly, this laboratory researches future security technologies to secure cyber safety in the CPS (Cyber Physical System) field, and aims to attract excellent teachers and students as a cradle for CPS security technology personnel, and to increase the human resource productivity of local industries

Cyber Threat and Vulnerability Analysis

Cyber Attack Case Analysis

Cyber Attack Scenario Analysis

Analysis on Device or Network Vulnerabilities


Attack using the Testbed

AI-based Anomaly Detection System

Data Preprocessing

Machine Learning Algorithms

Operational Information based Anomaly Detection

Network Packet based Anomaly Detection

Log based Anomaly Detection

Establishing Cybersecurity and Guidelines

Cybersecurity Requirement

Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity Guideline

Cybersecurity Checklist