Research activities


<Project> ITRC(Information Technology Research CenterInformation) in Gachon University

Transfer learning method for improving the performance of EEG-based deep learning model to predict depression/Poster

Integrated Explainable Artificial Intelligence(X-Integrate) for Survival Analysis in Colorectal cancer/Poster

Extraction of medication related information written in the discharge record using XLNet/Poster

Liver cancer prediction model using LightGBM/Poster

Protected Health Information Recognition by Fine-Tuning a Pre-training Transformer Model/Paper

Deep Learning-Based Model for Classification of Medical Record Types in EEG Report/Paper

An artificial intelligence system that derives variable contributions to variables that determine optimal chemotherapy and optimal chemotherapy for colorectal cancer patients/Patent

Method and system for recognizing personal health information of medical data using machine-learning model/Patent

Method and system for generating medical synthetic data using machine-learning model/Patent


<Project> ITRC(Information Technology Research CenterInformation) in Gachon University

The deep learning method for predict beck’s depression inventory score using EEG/Paper

Method and system for augmenting medical text data using machine-learning models/Patent

EEG result report based medical record type classification software/SW

Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining Model (XLNet)-based Protected Health Information Identification Software for Text Understanding/SW

Filtered bidirectional encoder model (Filtered-BERT) based medical text data augmentation algorithm/SW

Heart disease prediction model using SMOTE to solve data imbalance/Poster

Comparison of Ensemble Model for Classification of Fetal Conditions/Poster

‌Prediction of Beck Depression Inventory Score in EEG: Application of Deep-Asymmetry Method/Paper

Data augmentation for improving model to pre-screening depression/Poster

Colorectal Cancer Chemotherapy Recommendation Model Using RE-GBM/Poster

Ensemble-based machine learning model for stroke prediction/Poster

Heart disease prediction model using tree-based algorithm/Poster

Filtered BERT: Similarity filter-based augmentation with bidirectional transfer learning for Protected Health Information prediction in clinical documents/Paper

<Project> Research to strengthen the foundation for vitalizing the use of big data in healthcare

Guidelines for the use of health and medical data /Guideline


<Project> Development of decision support system (B-CDSS) for prediction and prevention of brain diseases

A recurrence prediction model based deep learning using oversampling method for colorectal cancer patient following surgery/Paper

Deep-Asymmetry: Asymmetry Matrix Image for Deep Learning Method in Pre-Screening Depression/Paper

Deep learning model with motor activity actigraph data to screening depression/Poster

Analysis of survival period for recommendation of chemotherapy by stage of colorectal cancer/Poster

Activity Analysis System and Method for diagnosing ADHD for Child/Patent

Low channel electroencephalogram based deep learning method to prescreening depression/Paper

Balance Analysis System and Method for diagnosing the Degree of Dementia/Patent

Method, System and Computer-Readable Mediums thereof for determining the degree of dementia Based on Voice Recognition Using Machine Learning Model/Patent

Method, System and Computer-Readable Medium for Prescreening Brain Disorders of a User/Patent

Brain Disease Research Assistance System, Method and Computer-readable Medium Using Text-Mining/Patent

<Project> Medical data analysis intelligent SW technology development business

A data-driven approach to a chemotherapy recommendation model based on deep learning for patients with colorectal cancer in Korea/Paper